Powerful tracking & mobile productivity for small businesses

Now any small business can gain sophisticated fleet tracking capabilities to increase productivity and protect mobile assets.

SmartTrack Features SmartTrack Features

Easy-to-deploy, scalable and with all the functionality of enterprise-level fleet management systems—now available for your business customers.

SmartTrack makes it easy to track deliveries in progress, dispatch the nearest field technician or avoid traffic delays. But that’s just the beginning:

SmartTrack Phone
  • Increase productivity and revenue

    Increase productivity and revenue

  • Improve customer service

    Improve customer service

  • Maximize dispatch efficiency

    Maximize dispatch efficiency with real-time information

  • Increase billable hours

    Increase billable hours with location-based data

  • Control insurance costs

    Control insurance costs by understanding who is breaching speed limits, idling times, or driving in restricted areas

Give your business customers powerful tracking capabilities, and help secure their business, along with their building.

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