The ultimate GPS-based panic button with nationwide coverage

User-defined panic plan initiates at the touch of a virtual button.

SmartAlert Features SmartAlert Features

Multiple-mode mobile personal protection app for iPhone & Android

SmartAlert is designed to provide mobile personal protection to your customers wherever they are located. Once the SmartAlert app is loaded onto the user’s iPhone or Android device, the service works just like a traditional in-home panic button—with two activation modes:

SmartAlert Options

Virtual Button

Simply touch the virtual “Help” button on the smartphone display.

Optional CommBadge Integration

SmartAlert integrates seamlessly with CommBadge, the only wearable personal communicator for iPhone and Android.


CommBadge is the world’s first wearable communications device with voice command. When paired to a smartphone via bluetooth, users can speak, listen and access their smartphone hands- and eyes-free. SmartTek products integrate seamlessly with CommBadge.

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Integrates with your central station.

Once a user activates SmartAlert, your central station personnel are presented with a map showing location, along with location-specific emergency responder contact information. SmartAlert can even provide your central station with PSAP data. Best of all, this is the same central station that your customer already knows and trusts. Your customers will rest easy knowing that SmartAlert extends the protection of their home security system to anywhere outside the home.

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