Frequently Asked Questions

When a user presses the button in the center of the smartphone’s touch screen, SmartAlert opens up two-way communications with our emergency dispatch center. At the same time, the app sends a data burst that contains the user’s location and type of alarm received (panic, safety, medical).
In the event the SmartAlert dispatcher cannot hear you or determines you are in distress, the emergency contact instructions in your profile will be followed.
You can download SmartAlert from either iTunes (for iPhone users) or the Google Play store (for Android users). You install the app yourself, but our central station must authorize it before use.
Each app is unique to the user and the smartphone on which it is installed. On alarm activation, SmartAlert sends a data burst that notifies the central station of the identity of the device, its location, and specific information about the user.
Unlike many other systems available, SmartAlert was designed to respect the user’s privacy. SmartAlert is not a tracking app; it does not transmit your location until you expressly activate that feature and want someone to know where you are.
Should an event take place where you are unable to communicate, the dispatch center will send help to your location. The operator will stay in communication with you though the entire event, until help arrives.
SmartAlert uses the GPS satellite network and the enhanced locations services available through your smartphone to pinpoint your location for authorities.