6 Must-Have Apps for People with Disabilities

September 18th, 2015

If you have a family member who is disabled, you know how difficult life can be for both of you. The frustration of not always being able to help them, understand what they want, and protect them when you’re not around is immense. Luckily, there are technology tools in the form of apps out there that can help make life easier, safer and better for them and you. Here are a few of the more helpful must-have apps for people with disabilities and their family members.


Talkitt assists those who have speech disorders, such as individuals with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke victims. The app helps translate words that sound incomprehensible into something that can be understood. The people communicating will be able to use their own voice as well – the app recognizes the individual’s speech vocal patterns and thus translates it. Talkitt works in every language.

Avaz allows those who cannot speak to use pictures to depict what they want. For instance, a nonverbal autistic child can use symbols and voice synthesis to tell parents they are hungry. There is even a keyboard to help the child to eventually use text to communicate.

Assisting deaf and hearing impaired individuals, RogerVoice converts voice to text for phone calls. In other words, subtitles are created on the receiving end of the hearing impaired so they can respond accordingly.

Safety, Security and Independence

With the push of a personal assistance button, the Mobile Alert™ by LifeFone app powered by SmartTek is able to bring help to a disabled user’s exact GPS location – all without saying a word. The app is connected to a 24/7 monitoring center where the user’s individualized profile with medical and emergency contact information is on file to ensure that their unique needs are met– the FIRST time. This is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty communicating due to a mental, physical or medical condition. The monitoring center uses the individual’s profile and contacts care givers or First Responders as the situation dictates.

Helping those that are blind as well as visually impaired, Be My Eyes helps make the connection with sighted volunteers. These volunteers help via a direct video connection with tasks such as reading certain things or navigating around an area. Volunteers are notified after the afflicted person enters a request for assistance and are on hand to ensure the task or action is done correctly and without harm to the user.

Also provided by LifeFone and powered by SmartTek, FamilyGuard™ provides all the benefits of Mobile Alert™ – a personal assistance button that you can assign to you or a family member’s smartphone plus the ability to monitor in real-time locations for family members. The tracking feature is particularly helpful in extending the independence of family members who may have memory or communications issues.