Now you can provide
groundbreaking life-protection services that
extend your security offerings beyond the home.

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Smartphone-based services that integrate directly with your central office.

Smart Alert

The ultimate GPS-based panic button with nationwide coverage

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Smart Guard

Real-time peace of mind for the entire family

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Smart Track

Powerful tracking and mobile productivity for small businesses

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You’ll retain existing customers and close the deal with more prospects by offering something your competition can’t: “life protection” for every member of the household. SmartTek Systems provides a trio of robust, full-featured, cloud-based smartphone apps that use GPS technology to provide the peace of mind today’s security customers want for their families.

SmartTek Family

Metrodial to go live with trio of mobile apps

July 2nd, 2014

The central station is the first adopter of SmartTek’s trio of personal protection apps, which includes an app-based mPERS service.

Tri-Ed Welcomes SmartTek Systems As New Vendor Partner

June 28th, 2014

Tri-Ed, North America’s largest independent security distributor, has forged an alliance with SmartTek.

Security Industry veterans launch cutting-edge mPERS services that extend home security beyond the home

June 25th, 2014

Smartphone apps provide innovative life protection services

Brand them as your own, and watch your bottom line grow. Contact us today to learn how.